charlirose asked:

Hi there, i stumbled across your fantastic work. I just wondered if you used a special rubber technique for creating fine light strands of hair? I've always struggled myself. Would appreciate advice. xxx



thanks so much! :D

For fine, light strands of hair I use Faber Castell Perfections. I also own a Derwent electric eraser which is really handy for light/fair strands! Sometimes, I just leave white space.

An example where I used all of the above would be this drawing: 

hope this helps!


Eye drawing details: Jhené Aiko, Aaliyah, Left Eye


elle-emeno-pee asked:

Hello! I found your work through your deviantart. Your illustrations are wooooonderful; you've got me swooning! I'm especially enamored with those detailed eyebrows... Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to more n__n


thank you so much ! 

Ariana Grande drawing - February 2014

my drawing of FFXIII’s Oerba Yun Fang.

just started FFXII (yes, I’m late). beautiful game so far :)


aliceinanotherland asked:

Yourr pictures are beautiful!


thank you! =^.^=

My latest drawing of the beautiful, Lana Del Rey - July 2013

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